This Italian Flag Pasta Salad recipe has amazing flavor. I named this recipe Italian Flag Pasta Salad because the colors in this pasta salad are green, white and red - the same colors of the Italian flag. The colors of this pasta salad are beautiful.

I have made this dish for dinner parties, potlucks and holidays and it is always popular. And it's of course yummy for any time you are craving a good pasta salad. It is a good side dish option. And if you are on a plant based diet, it could even serve as a main dish. Just substitute the parmesan cheese or leave it out. You can’t go wrong with this salad, and it’s easy to prepare.

Ingredients in this delicious Italian Flag Pasta Salad

This pasta salad has all the good stuff.

Pasta: varieties like bowtie, penne, rotini, or casarecce are best.  You can substitute with gluten free versions. If you are unable to find a 12-ounce box of uncooked pasta, just use three quarters of a 16-ounce box.

Sundried tomatoes: If using the sundried tomatoes, get the ones that are in a bag, not the oil packed bottle. You can use fresh tomatoes in place of sundried tomatoes.  I would recommend cherry tomatoes and slicing them in half if using fresh tomatoes

Green Beans or Asparagus: steamed and strained, or from a steamer bag and drained

Canned Artichokes: I like to get the artichokes that are in a brine. You will need to drain it.

Red onion and garlic: Fresh minced garlic and red onion are important flavors in this salad. It will create a beautiful aroma.

Shaved Parmesan:  Shaved parmesan from the gourmet cheese counter at the grocery store, kicks up the flavor in this pasta salad.  

Basil:  Fresh basil is important for this recipe. It brings all the flavors together.

Dried oregano: Oregano is amazing with red wine vinegar

Honey:  Honey balances the flavors of the vinaigrette.


Serves 8-10

16 oz dry pasta (penne, rotini, or casarecce)

1 15 oz can artichokes in brine

1 package of julienned sundered tomatoes

1 veggie steamer bag (whole green beans or apsaragus)

1 red onion, sliced

1 bunch Basil leaves, chiffonade

1 container of shredded fresh Parmesan cheese

Vinaigrette Ingredients:

4 garlic cloves, finely minced

3/4 cup red wine vinegar

1/3 cup olive oil

1 T dried oregano

3 T honey, or to taste

Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper, to taste





Cooked pasta to package directions, or al dente.  Drain and rinse the pasta in cold water and set aside to cool.  Chop the artichoke very roughly, keep it somewhat chunky. If you can’t find sundried tomatoes already sliced, slice then julienne style. Steam the green beans or asparagus to package directions in microwave, and drain any water.  You can also Blanche fresh green beans in boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Add sliced onion and Basil and combine everything.

Prepare the Vinaigrette:

In a container with matching lid (mason jar or Tupperware), add the red wine vinegar and oil, then the rest of the ingredients.  To, mix shake it well and taste for seasoning adjustment.

Do not dress the salad until ready to serve.

Shake when ready to pour on the finished salad. Combine the vinaigrette with all of the pasta.  Serve immediately.

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