Homeschooling is something I never imagined doing. I always planned on my kids going to public school and dreamed of having those extra hours every weekday to myself. And I worried about the social aspects that we might miss while homeschooling, and I still worry about that.


But for now, it works, and we can always evaluate and adjust.  We have found a lot of friends and extended family along the way and that has been good for Ryder. He makes friends wherever we go. I hope the same will be true for Charley.  And of course, public school is not possible while traveling full time.  So, I turned to a curriculum that I knew I would love as many of my friends use it too.  Maybe you’ve heard of it? Or use it? It’s called The Good and The Beautiful.  

Charley has been really excited to start it too.  I am starting her on the Pre-K Language Arts that I used with Ryder.  And while Ryder reviews this book, Charley will be learning it for the first time.  I also bought a geology course and kit too which I’m excited to use because we encounter a lot of variety in geology as we travel to different states.  Homeschooling was a daunting idea for me, but what I love is you can ease into it, especially if you have a pre-school age child like I do. The course book only took us 3 months to get through, and that’s with taking days off for holidays and other situations.  The Good and The Beautiful is open and go, and that’s what works for me.  I don’t want to spend hours finding things to teach them. But, homeschooling is a lot more popular these days, there are so many other options to choose from too.  As we add more subjects, we’ll find what works best for each child and their learning style. But I would really love to hear tips and tricks that you have learned.

Course work is of course the main learning that we do, but we also love learning about nature. Since living in rugged land, and environments that are different in each location we travel to, the learning possibilities are endless and it also gives us an appreciation for the world that God created for us. One of our favorite activity together is going on walks, enjoying nature and collecting interesting rocks. We even found Obsidian Glass on one of our walks which is also called Volcanic Glass because of the molten lava that cooled very quickly when it was formed.

Another thing we also enjoy that provides a learning moment, is the wildlife that we have seen at various times throughout our travels. We have seen wild donkeys, mountain goats, desert turtles, road runners, birds and lizards. I didn't expect to turtles and mountain goats in the desert states. That was a pleasant surprise.

Desert Tortoise. It's illegal to touch them, but we were glad to get a photo
Horny Toad Lizard - blending in with the orange sand.

In the Spring, the desert comes to life with beautiful flowers and plants. The plants are fun to identify and appreciate.  I love not having to maintain a landscaped yard.  We can just enjoy the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.  

This is an orange Poppy flower
The turtles loved munching on these purple flowers - Notch-Leaved Phacelia.
Prickly Pear Bloom

Of course the zoo is always a good place for learning about the amazing creatures on this earth. We try to go to the zoo or aquarium when we visit Utah.

Hogle Zoo, Utah






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